About Us

Juris Solicitors Ltd is a UK Government regulated (SRA) firm of solicitors serving clients from all over the UK and across the globe. We are a specialist firm of Immigration Lawyers who pride ourselves on providing professional and expert immigration advice, assistance and services. For businesses and employers, our team of Immigration Lawyers can provide advice to businesses across many industry sectors. We can help with all matters relating to immigration law so that businesses and employers can focus on doing what they do best. For individuals seeking immigration advice, we provide a full range of services ranging from spouse visas to Tier 1 visas for Investors and Entrepreneurs to supporting those experiencing difficulties with retaining their rights to stay in the UK. We offer an initial consultation so that you can decide if we are the right firm to help you and also we can also advise you of how we might be able to assist. To book a consultation or for any other query call the Juris Solicitors office now on .