1How much will it cost to use your service?
We have fixed fees, which are readily on show in the office and are given to you in writing when you complete the Terms of Service?
2Do you charge for a consultation and are your services free?
We are a with profit company who charge £50 plus VAT for an initial consultation. Our services are not free and we do not have legal aid.
3Do I need to come in person to the office?
Yes. We operate an appointment system and we must see you and your documents such as Passports etc.
4Do I need to pay the entire fee up front?
You must pay the Home Office fee where applicable when we send the application, but we may accept our fees in installments by arrangement.
5 Will the Home Office send my documents to me?
As your representatives we look after your immigration application from beginning to end and all communication should be between the Home Office and this company.
6Will I remain legally in the UK while my passport is in the Home Office?
If an application is made to the Home Office before your present visa expires, you remain legally in the UK until your application has been decided.
7How long before my visa expires should I contact you?
You should make an appointment approximately 6 weeks before your visa expires.
8I want to bring my husband/wife/child to the UK can you help me?
This is an area we specialise in and have much success, we offer a very professional and inexpensive service.
9Can you assist me to make an application if I am outside the UK?
Yes. Where a client or clients are not in the UK we can arrange for a consultation and an advisor to travel to assist them.
10If I have an interpreter do I pay them?
No, it is included in your fees. We speak several languages ‘in house’ eg. Russian, Bulgarian Urdu, Bengali, Czech, Polish etc.