What can respect your wishes more than your own Will? Will is one of the most important documents of one’s life, giving you the peace of being in charge of the matters that matter to you and yet carrying this on beyond your life. A timely and property drawn will means the peace of mind you and your loved ones deserve. We believe having a valid will in place is important if you:
  • own a property or other assets
  • have responsibility of a family or dependents
  • wish to make tax efficient distribution of your estate
  • wish to make a choice of the beneficiaries of your estate
  • have a minor child or children who may need a guardian of your choice
  • wish to have specific funeral arrangement
  • wish to give any specific directions in respect of your estate and the beneficiaries
Our expert will writing solicitor can afford you all the assistance and advice needed to create a clear and legally effective will that aptly reflects your wishes. We will meet you face to face enabling you to discuss your objectives with full confidence and clarity and to ensure that we can seamlessly help you achieve your objectives. If you already have a Will which you wish to amend owing to change of circumstances, we can also provide you the necessary legal assistance in effecting changes to your existing will or drafting a new Will as may be appropriate. Our Wills & Probate department can also provide efficient and cost-effective services to the legal heirs, executors and administrators in obtaining the grant of representation (probate) from the Court.